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Information Economics
Webinar Series

Information Economics gives you a strategy for maximising your information’s value, lowering costs and limiting your exposure to risk. Every organisation needs records and information management practices that can be shared with each business function and employee.

This Information Economics webinar series provides a five-part roadmap to help you maximise its value. From changing the way your business sees information management to exploring the interface between records management and big data, each webinar offers expert insight:

PwC Value Index Highlights & Expert Insights
8AM PST/ 11AM EST/ 4PM GMT, Sep. 30

  • Leverage PwC research on information management strategies.
  • Discover your information’s value potential.
  • Construct an Information Value Index for you and your employees.

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Truth or Dare: Being Honest About Employee RIM Engagement

  • Boost employee RIM awareness and productivity
  • Select the right technology
  • Create a blueprint for business tasks

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Are You At Risk of a Data Breach, If So….?

  • Examine the current state of your data security systems
  • Gain insider’s perspective into risk management
  • Learn how to safeguard against exposure

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Intro to Information Economics

  • Change the way we perceive information (and records) management objectives
  • Raise the level of conversation with senior leadership in your organisation

Data Analytics & RIM

  • What analytics are and what value they bring to organisations
  • Potential uses of analytics for RIM program decision-making and performance indicators
  • Why foundational RIM work is a precursor to effective use of analytics

RIM Risk Framework for All Industries

  • What the basic control groups are, and provide examples of individual controls
  • How to institutionalize the Framework: timing and roles and responsibilities

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